According to Paragraph 219a, doctors in Germany are only allowed to make known that they perform abortions. They are, however, prohibited from saying how abortions are performed. This makes a difficult situation for pregnant women even worse where access to fact-based information is hard to obtain.

We demand that doctors be able to provide sound information to women with unwanted pregnancies and let them reach their own decision.

We address an issue that doctors are prohibited from speaking about and demand an end to Paragraph 219a.

The reason: because non-specialists are allowed to publicly share information regarding abortions.
And that’s exactly what we’re doing: Together with you!

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Why can a non-medical professional like myself provide abortion information? Because I'm allowed to. Unlike many doctors who, according to Paragraph 219a, can be prosecuted if they do just that. That’s why I’m helping to give all those affected the information they otherwise would have difficulty trying to access.
@terre.des.femmes #terredesfemmes #abolish219a

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According to Paragraph 219a, doctors are only allowed to make public that they perform abortions. However, they’re not allowed to inform how they are carried out. But I can – even though I’m not a doctor. This way, I’m helping provide information that would otherwise be difficult for them to access. @terre.des.femmes #terredesfemmes #abolish219a

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Facts at a glance

If you are unintentionally pregnant and urgently looking for medical facts, download our PDF and get information regarding treatment and options.

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